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             December 23 to January 20

Capricorn Rings-Pendents-ArmoursCapricorn's are shy, sweet, strong, tough, silent, sober, earthly self made people who believe in a calm behaviour, practical actions and serious intent. They are gentle, steady, reliable, firmly disciplined and ambitious people who look as harmless as feathers but in fact have dangerous horns and are as tough as nails. They have a firm business head and can work persistently and relentlessly without being affected by insults, pressures, disappointments and duty. They respect authority and wisdom of age and experience and honour traditions and use others weaknesses and jealousies to make themselves stronger. They seldom gossip and never fall victims to jealousy, passion, impulse, anger, frivolity, waste, laziness and carelessness and are embarrassed by public scenes and raw and naked uncontrolled passions. Their eyes are not on the stars but in fact firmly focused on the ground. They are careful to avoid obstacles and seldom stumble. They take content in minding their own business, but if asked for advice, they give it with stern overtones and expect you to abide by it. They do not like to lead, but give others permission to lead while holding all the reins from planning to completion in their own hands. They allow other people to walk in front of them, but often get to their destination first, against all odds and logic.

When Capricorns wear zodiac power rings, they get the much desired speed in their lives. It helps them to be free of mental tensions and makes them assertive bold and confident of themselves. It enhances their will power and makes them concentrate better. It loads them with the much needed assertiveness they seek in their lives and helps them acknowledge the compliments they receive in a positive way rather than being embarrassed about it. Zodiac power rings help capricornian's achieve success at a much faster rate than they usually can.

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